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  1. Update Ghost cause 502 Bad Gateway

    Last Day In 2016 Feel free to Update the Blog System After use the method in last post to update Ghost the server become 502 error. Before Update the Ghost I have update the OS version look the issue cause because the OS and NodeJS is too Newest than Current…

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  2. DigitalOcean Update Ghost to Latest Vesion

    *Before Update Remember Export the blog settings and data at "" * 1)Login to Server Terminal, go to Ghost Folder Root cd /var/www/ 2) Download the Latest Ghost form wget 3) Remove the core directory completely…

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  3. Wordpress Error

    Wordpress Get Database Error Error establishing a database connection Solution 1)Login to Server Console and Command the Follow sudo service mysql start Normally after Complete the Step1 the MySql database will Start again. 2)But in case other security or system issue . we need to update the Ubuntu Server…

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  4. Appcelerator Studio Update Titnaium SDK

    Appcelerator Studio Update Latest Titnaium SDK Solution 1)Open the Appcelerator Terminal and Type the Following Command $ [sudo] npm install appcelerator -g $ appc setup 2)Move the install SDK to Titanium SDK current folder Users/jacklee/Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx…

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  5. Appcelerator Studio Error "workspace cannot be created"

    After Update the Appcelerator Studio get the Error "workspace cannot be created" Version Update = Appcelerator Studio, build: Solutiom 1)Drag all the Appcelerator Studio for Applications Folder to Trash. 2)Reinstall the Appcelerator Studio.…

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