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  1. Wordpress Mobile Apps Can't Access

    Wordpress Mobile Apps Can't Access First Check the Log on the Apps. if there are some error message Like below 1) Unable to locate xmlrpc.php 2) Couldn't connect to the WordPress site. There is no valid WordPress site at this address. Check the site address (URL) you entered. The…

    Wordpress, Android, IOS, MobileApps, xmlrpc.php

  2. Appcelerator Analytics

    Regarding the Titanium Studio Is not Longer Support by Appcelerator Company (change to open source Project) will start migration all the Project From Titanium Studio to Appcelerator Studio. Titanium.Analytics.featureEvent('Data track'); For New Project Can enable when create the Project pages. Enable Appcelerator Platform Services will enable the…

    Android, JavaScript, IOS, Apps, Appcelerator Studio, Appcelerator Analytics, Appcelerator Platform

  3. Titanium Studio Save the Apps data in the Filesystem

    In IOS is only Internal Storage ,but in Android is diffrent since some android device can use sd-card theClass.prototype.WriteLog = function(theJSON){'WriteLog = ' + new Date() ); var thisClass = this; var jsonDir = ''; var dateObj = new Date(); var month = dateObj.getUTCMonth() + 1; //months from 1-12 var day…

    Android, JavaScript, Titanium, IOS, JSON, Filesystem, applicationDataDirectory, externalStorageDirectory

  4. Titnaium Studio Keep Apps Screen Alway On

    This code is test and work in android. Since after IOS7 IOS can setup the screen mode to "Never" this.OSName = Ti.Platform.osname.toLowerCase(); if(this.OSName == "android"){ this.MainWindow.keepScreenOn = true; }; if(this.OSName == "iphone" || thisClass.Parent.OSName == "ipad"){ Titanium.App.idleTimerDisabled = true; this.MainWindow.idleTimerDisabled = true; };…

    Android, IOS, Screen Alway On

  5. Titanium Studio Using the Geolocation

    Getting Location Information There are two ways to get location information: 1)Make a one-time request with getCurrentPosition. 2)Register to receive location updates by adding an event listener for the location event. Get the Geolocation with event listener Ti.Geolocation.accuracy = Ti.Geolocation.ACCURACY_BEST; Ti.Geolocation.preferredProvider = Ti.…

    Android, EventListener, IOS, getCurrentPosition, Apps, Latitude, Longitude, Accuracy