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  1. Titnaium Studio Keep Apps Screen Alway On

    This code is test and work in android. Since after IOS7 IOS can setup the screen mode to "Never" this.OSName = Ti.Platform.osname.toLowerCase(); if(this.OSName == "android"){ this.MainWindow.keepScreenOn = true; }; if(this.OSName == "iphone" || thisClass.Parent.OSName == "ipad"){ Titanium.App.idleTimerDisabled = true; this.MainWindow.idleTimerDisabled = true; };…

    Android, IOS, Screen Alway On

  2. Titanium Studio Using the Geolocation

    Getting Location Information There are two ways to get location information: 1)Make a one-time request with getCurrentPosition. 2)Register to receive location updates by adding an event listener for the location event. Get the Geolocation with event listener Ti.Geolocation.accuracy = Ti.Geolocation.ACCURACY_BEST; Ti.Geolocation.preferredProvider = Ti.…

    Android, EventListener, IOS, getCurrentPosition, Apps, Latitude, Longitude, Accuracy

  3. Titanium Studio get battery Level

    Get the battery Level in the apps Ti.Platform.batteryMonitoring = true; Ti.Platform.addEventListener('battery',UpdateBattery); if(e.level !== undefined) { thisClass.batteryLevel = e.level; } *this code is only work on Android platform Curennly ,this code is not work on IOS a known bug .…

    Android, Titanium, IOS, Battery Level

  4. IOS Get the Apps data Files from Devices

    IOS Get the Apps data Files from Devices 1)Open the Xcode Go to Windows > Devices > Choose the Target Device > click the gear icon and select Download Container. 2)Drop and Drag the xcappdata file in to the SublimeText IDE 3)Open the Side Bar for Explore the Files Root…

    IOS, Apps Data Files, SublimeText, JSON, MacOS, Xcode