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  1. Appcelerator Studio Error "workspace cannot be created"

    After Update the Appcelerator Studio get the Error "workspace cannot be created" Version Update = Appcelerator Studio, build: Solutiom 1)Drag all the Appcelerator Studio for Applications Folder to Trash. 2)Reinstall the Appcelerator Studio.…

    AppceleratorStudio, Error, workspace

  2. Appcelerator Studio iOS Simulator disappeared

    Error After Reinstall the Appcelerator Studio in MACOS the iOS Simulator disappeared. Solution 1.Go to Home(jacklee). 2.Go to Folder and find the titanium folder (.titanium). 3.find the files calling "config.json" and Edit the files. 4.change the ""selected": "3.5.1.GA"" to the Latest…

    AppceleratorStudio, Error, iOS Simulator

  3. Appcelerator Login Error

    After Update the Appcelerator Studio to version 4.1.1 will get a Java Error every time Login to the Appcelerator Studio. Error Message An internal error occurred during: "Saving Orgs information...". java.lang.NullPointerException Solution Simple ReSignUp the ID and restart the Appcelerator Studio will Solve this issue.…

    Appcelerator Studio, Error, Solution, Ver4.1.1