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Ghost CMS - Forgot password send mail Error

Ghost CMS Forgot Password send mail Error: Failed to send email.

Long time never login COC to write any POST until forget my login password.

Normally i will just click forget password and reset the password but unfortunately my server can't send email. oh No how to I reset my password?

At first i will think about maybe i can view the database for the password but on latest CMS system will not store plain text so this is not work.

Ok than the only solution is fixed the send email issue.start to figure up what issue cause this problem i guess is because last time i update the OS system and setup the SSL cause something wrong since i have reset password before .

After investigate is look like the Mail software missing ok than we just need to reinstall the mail software on Linux Ubuntu send Mail software must is Postfix , Is a free and open-source mail transfer agent that routes and delivers electronic mail.

The most efficient and easy way to install Postfix and mail programs needed for testing email is

1)Install mailutils

sudo apt-get install mailutils

we need to setup some configuration on install
General type of email configuration is "Internet Site."
and the System mail name:

2)Configure Postfix

sudo nano /etc/postfix/

Change the line that reads inetinterfaces = all to inetinterfaces = loopback-only

inet_interfaces = loopback-only  

restart Postfix :

sudo service postfix restart  

3) Test SMTP Server Send Emails funtion

Testing send a email using the mail command.

echo "This is the  SMTP Server email testing content " | mail -s "SMTP Server send mail test"  

Now you should send and receive you email.

But please check you email on the spam or junk if the mail is not receive on mailbox possibility when using Gmail the mail will be send to junk mail or spam.