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  1. Ghost CMS - Invited Users Error sending email! Solution

    Error sending email! Error sending email: Failed to send email.Please check your email settings and resend the invitation. I set up a New Ghost Blog website for other activities on DigitalOcean VPS Hosting Droplet. After setting up and using it for a period of time, we need to add…

    on Ghost, GhostCMS, mailutils, Postfix, DigitalOcean, NodeJS, Error Send Email, InvitedUsers, Email, SPF records, Mailgun, SendingEmail, Ubuntu18.04.4LTS, GhostCMS3.36, VPS

  2. Create a Login System Using PHP and Microsoft Azure Database

    I never wrote PHP system for a while, and I asked to build a simple login system for the current system. Most of my experience is using MySQL database to build login system, and it was a long time ago. Compared with MySql, Azure SQL database has some different things,…

    on Azure Database, PHP, Transact-SQL, SQL, Microsoft Azure Database, Login System, Regular Expression, bootstrap, Protect Content Page

  3. macOS Audio switch from bluetooth headphones to internal speakers solution

    Since these few days I need to do some audio editing, I'm using Audacity software and I found that when using Audacity, the audio will automatically switch from the Bluetooth headphones to the built-in speaker, which means there is no sound from the headphones. However, if I use Apple's built-in…

    on MacOS, Bluetooth, Catalina, Audacity, Headphones, Audio, Sound, Bug, Bluetooth 5.0

  4. React Native 0.63 running on device by other port solution

    React Native Metro bundler is runs on port 8081. And very unlucky my working machine is running a McAfee antivirus with the port 8081. On React Native official sites there are provide two solution Terminating a process on port 8081 or Using a port other than 8081 . Will the first…

    on IOS, Android, Xcode, Android 11, iOS14.0.1, React Native, react-native 0.63.3, react-native 0.63, port issue, port 8081, McAfee, npx, Xcode12.0.1, Android Studio, Android Studio 4.1

  5. Update iOS 14.0.1 cause WiFi Internet Issue.

    After Update iPhone to latest iOS 14.0.1 Suddenly all connected WiFi network have issue. All web sites show "Safari cannot open the page because your iPhone is not connected to the internet". This is weird because the URL is the internal server like The…

    on IOS, Apple, iOS14.0.1, WiFi, Updated, Internet issue