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  1. If statement with String comparison fails

    == tests for reference equality. .equals() tests for value equality. == is for testing whether two strings are the same object. Comparison symbols is only can use by local variable only. Public Variable should use "equals" to compare. Java @Kroll.method public void ComparisonTest(String value) { String operation = value; String operation_local…

    Java, Titanium, If Statement, String, .equals(), ==, Comparison

  2. Java can't Use Switch on a String?

    In Java JRE 1.7 below switch is not allow to use String for input case. Only JRE1.7 Above can be use String in the Switch. *Note Titanium workspace compiler compliance default is 1.6 need manual change this inside by Set workspace compiler compliance settings to 1.7…

    Java, Titanium, Switch Case, JRE1.7, JRE1.6

  3. Java Check Input integer

    Java @Kroll.method public String InputCheck(String value1 , String value2) { String inputType= ""; String [] numbers = {value1, value2}; for(String x : numbers ) { try{ int checkInput = Integer.parseInt(x); inputType = "Number"; }catch (NumberFormatException ex) { //handle exception here inputType = "No Number!"; break; } } if(inputType == "Number"){ int Intvalue1 = Integer.parseInt(value1); int Intvalue2 = Integer.parseInt(…

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  4. Titanium Android Module

    a Simple Prototype for Create Titanium Android Native Module. In this Prototype I will create a Titanium Android Native Module calling "testmodule" And Create Four simple Maths calculation Java /** * This file was auto-generated by the Titanium Module SDK helper for Android * Appcelerator Titanium Mobile * Copyright (c) 2009-2010 by Appcelerator, Inc.…

    Java, Android, Module, Titanium