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Tag: Azure Database

  1. Create a Login System Using PHP and Microsoft Azure Database

    I never wrote PHP system for a while, and I asked to build a simple login system for the current system. Most of my experience is using MySQL database to build login system, and it was a long time ago. Compared with MySql, Azure SQL database has some different things,…

    Azure Database, PHP, Transact-SQL, SQL, Microsoft Azure Database, Login System, Regular Expression, bootstrap, Protect Content Page

  2. PHP SQL LIKE operator wildcard cause SQL injection

    PHP SQL LIKE operator with percent sign wildcard cause SQL injection vulnerability. One of my team member build a backend system and discovery the backend system can explore all the data by wildcard. So let analysis and investigate why change UserID to percent sign can cause SQL injection and explore…

    Security, SQL injection, SQL, PHP, Transact-SQL, wildcard, Azure Database, Azure App Service, PHP 5.6.40