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  1. Docker - Create a Java development environment

    Yes is Docker Again 🐳. ! Well my work need to switch many different programming language and different development environment . Docker is really helpful There are two way to compile and execute you java code. Compile and execute inside the Docker or compile and execute outside the Docker instance. Compile your app…

    Docker, Java, OpenJDK, OpenJDK8, Compile Java, Execute Java, Open Java Development Kit

  2. Python3 virtual environment

    After using awhile and finally discovery some limitation of Docker can't do and not suitable. If you need to develop something related with GUI applications and input devices automation thing Docker is totally not suitable. For Example using the PyAutoGUI to capture a screenshoot and control the input devices using…

    Python, Docker, Python3, VirtualEnvironment, VirtualBox, VM, Ubuntu20.04, PyAutoGUI

  3. Docker - Build a PHP with Apache HTTP Server

    I can't stop play with Docker 🐳. Let setup and configure PHP development environment. Can you imagine using docker build PHP and apache environment need how long ? 1. First let Create a folder call docker_dev_php. 2. Create a Dockerfile with below configuration FROM php:7.3.0-apache COPY src/…

    Docker, PHP, PHP 7.3.0, Apache

  4. Docker - Setup a Node.js development environment

    Life is short, enjoy life. After using Docker to build the development environment that make me feel more happy and less painful. Be happy use Docker 🐳. Same with Python Node.js also can running Node.js on local volume or build all the source code inside the container image. 1.…

    Docker, NodeJS, v14, JavaScript, npm, Module, Package, axios

  5. Docker - Setup a Python development environment

    Docker really is a good tools for Dev-ops , learning and R&D . Want to try and learning Docker but alway drag until now. After get back my new iMac need to re-setup all my development environment but I don't want too install too many package and module on the…

    Docker, Python, Development, Container, Images, Environment, Python3.8.5