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  1. Titanium Studio Using the Geolocation

    Getting Location Information There are two ways to get location information: 1)Make a one-time request with getCurrentPosition. 2)Register to receive location updates by adding an event listener for the location event. Get the Geolocation with event listener Ti.Geolocation.accuracy = Ti.Geolocation.ACCURACY_BEST; Ti.Geolocation.preferredProvider = Ti.…

    Android, EventListener, IOS, getCurrentPosition, Apps, Latitude, Longitude, Accuracy

  2. Memory Leaks In Titanium apps

    Solution 1.Remove all the remove all not necessary event listener. 2.Remove all the SetInterval Function. Method for using Geolocation location Event Listener function LocationClass(parent) { this.Parent = parent; var thisClass = this; //Geolocation Setup Ti.Geolocation.accuracy = Ti.Geolocation.ACCURACY_HIGH; Ti.Geolocation.distanceFilter = 10; Ti.Geolocation.preferredProvider = Ti.…

    Titanium, Memory Leaks, EventListener, Geolocation, removeEventListener