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  1. JavaScript CallBack

    ComponentOne.js function ComponentOneClass(parent) { this.Parent = parent; var thisClass = this; //Properties this.responseCallback = null; }; ComponentOneClass.prototype.ProcessAction = function(theValue) { if(theValue){ this.responseCallback("Callback return"); }else{ Ti.API.log("Get Error"); }; }; ComponentOneClass.prototype.CallOtherMethod = function(theValue,theCallback) { this.responseCallback = theCallback; theProcess = this.ProcessAction(theValue); }; //finally, export the module module.…

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  2. Mobile first

    This is the first post in my mobile. ^^ function toggle() { //makes the value of 'on' true if it was false before, or false if it was true before. //If you pronounce = as becomes, and ! as 'not', reading the line makes much more sense. on = !on; //Set the digital value of…