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  1. Migrate Wordpress to New server

    Migrate Wordpress to New server Host on DigitalOcean Regarding certbot is not longer support on ubuntu 14.04 LTS this will cause we can't renew the Let's Encrypt Certificates on our wordpress server this will cause our domain become unsecure mark on all browser. The current server host is almost…

    DigitalOcean, Wordpress, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, CMS, PHP, PHP7, certbot, Let's Encrypt, Migrate, SQL, DNS records, Security, Database

  2. RaspberryPi 2 Setup LAMP

    The First thing I want to try in Raspberry Pi 2 is setup a LAMP server . currently have one Project is using LAMP to run. so i can try this out on the RPI 2. Last time i have try Install LAMP in Raspberry Pi 2 in my A+ but…

    RaspberryPi 2, LAMP, Raspberry, Update&Upgrade, Apache2, PHP5, MySQL, phpMyAdmin