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  1. Update Ghost cause 502 Bad Gateway

    Last Day In 2016 Feel free to Update the Blog System After use the method in last post to update Ghost the server become 502 error. Before Update the Ghost I have update the OS version look the issue cause because the OS and NodeJS is too Newest than Current…

    Ghost, Update&Upgrade, 502 Bad Gateway, NodeJS

  2. DigitalOcean Update Ghost to Latest Vesion

    *Before Update Remember Export the blog settings and data at "" * 1)Login to Server Terminal, go to Ghost Folder Root cd /var/www/ 2) Download the Latest Ghost form wget 3) Remove the core directory completely…

    Ghost, Update&Upgrade, DigitalOcean

  3. RaspberryPi 2 Setup LAMP

    The First thing I want to try in Raspberry Pi 2 is setup a LAMP server . currently have one Project is using LAMP to run. so i can try this out on the RPI 2. Last time i have try Install LAMP in Raspberry Pi 2 in my A+ but…

    RaspberryPi 2, LAMP, Raspberry, Update&Upgrade, Apache2, PHP5, MySQL, phpMyAdmin