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  1. React Native 0.63 running on device by other port solution

    React Native Metro bundler is runs on port 8081. And very unlucky my working machine is running a McAfee antivirus with the port 8081. On React Native official sites there are provide two solution Terminating a process on port 8081 or Using a port other than 8081 . Will the first…

    IOS, Android, Xcode, Android 11, iOS14.0.1, React Native, react-native 0.63.3, react-native 0.63, port issue, port 8081, McAfee, npx, Xcode12.0.1, Android Studio, Android Studio 4.1

  2. IOS Get the Apps data Files from Devices

    IOS Get the Apps data Files from Devices 1)Open the Xcode Go to Windows > Devices > Choose the Target Device > click the gear icon and select Download Container. 2)Drop and Drag the xcappdata file in to the SublimeText IDE 3)Open the Side Bar for Explore the Files Root…

    IOS, Apps Data Files, SublimeText, JSON, MacOS, Xcode