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  1. macOS Audio switch from bluetooth headphones to internal speakers solution

    Since these few days I need to do some audio editing, I'm using Audacity software and I found that when using Audacity, the audio will automatically switch from the Bluetooth headphones to the built-in speaker, which means there is no sound from the headphones. However, if I use Apple's built-in…

    MacOS, Bluetooth, Catalina, Audacity, Headphones, Audio, Sound, Bug, Bluetooth 5.0

  2. IOS Get the Apps data Files from Devices

    IOS Get the Apps data Files from Devices 1)Open the Xcode Go to Windows > Devices > Choose the Target Device > click the gear icon and select Download Container. 2)Drop and Drag the xcappdata file in to the SublimeText IDE 3)Open the Side Bar for Explore the Files Root…

    IOS, Apps Data Files, SublimeText, JSON, MacOS, Xcode