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  1. Docker - Setup a Node.js development environment

    Life is short, enjoy life. After using Docker to build the development environment that make me feel more happy and less painful. Be happy use Docker 🐳. Same with Python Node.js also can running Node.js on local volume or build all the source code inside the container image. 1.…

    on Docker, NodeJS, v14, JavaScript, npm, Module, Package, axios

  2. Replacing the deprecated request module

    Request module is deprecated and not longer maintenance and update by Mikeal Rogers. I have been using Request module very long times. Almost every NodeJS developer have use using this popular module. request is also the first package on npm package and is the also first module use on my…

    on NodeJS, Module, JavaScript, v14, npm, Package, Deprecated, request, axios, got

  3. Docker - Setup a Python development environment

    Docker really is a good tools for Dev-ops , learning and R&D . Want to try and learning Docker but alway drag until now. After get back my new iMac need to re-setup all my development environment but I don't want too install too many package and module on the…

    on Docker, Python, Development, Container, Images, Environment, Python3.8.5

  4. Migrate Wordpress to New server

    Migrate Wordpress to New server Host on DigitalOcean Regarding certbot is not longer support on ubuntu 14.04 LTS this will cause we can't renew the Let's Encrypt Certificates on our wordpress server this will cause our domain become unsecure mark on all browser. The current server host is almost…

    on DigitalOcean, Wordpress, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, CMS, PHP, PHP7, certbot, Let's Encrypt, Migrate, SQL, DNS records, Security, Database

  5. Ghost CMS - Forgot password send mail Error

    Ghost CMS Forgot Password send mail Error: Failed to send email. Long time never login COC to write any POST until forget my login password. Normally i will just click forget password and reset the password but unfortunately my server can't send email. oh No how to I reset my…

    on NodeJS, Ghost, CMS, Postfix, mail, mailutils, Error, Ubuntu, Linux