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Tag: Bluetooth

  1. macOS Audio switch from bluetooth headphones to internal speakers solution

    Since these few days I need to do some audio editing, I'm using Audacity software and I found that when using Audacity, the audio will automatically switch from the Bluetooth headphones to the built-in speaker, which means there is no sound from the headphones. However, if I use Apple's built-in…

    MacOS, Bluetooth, Catalina, Audacity, Headphones, Audio, Sound, Bug, Bluetooth 5.0

  2. Android Java - Get Eddystone Beacon Service Data and Convert

    On Android Eddystone beacon we can store some useful information inside Namespace and Instance to identify unique beacon. Before Learn and Play CTF event. byte, ASCII text, Decimal and Hex is difficult thing for me. But after learning CTF this become very easy . since this kind of numbers is very…

    Android, Java, Android 11, ASCII, Decimal, Hex, Bytes, byte array, Eddystone, Beacon, Bluetooth, Service Data, Namespace, Instance, convert decimal to hex, scan record