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  1. Appcelerator Titanium - Android 6.x permission

    Beginning in Android 6.0 (API level 23), users grant permissions to apps while the app is running, not when they install the app. Titanium change some API for this. Below is how to Request Multiple Permission In Android 6.x We Will Request GPS and External Storage for Our…

    Appcelerator Studio, Titanium, Android 6.x, Permissions, Titanium SDK 6.0.1, Android 6.0.1

  2. Appcelerator Login Error

    After Update the Appcelerator Studio to version 4.1.1 will get a Java Error every time Login to the Appcelerator Studio. Error Message An internal error occurred during: "Saving Orgs information...". java.lang.NullPointerException Solution Simple ReSignUp the ID and restart the Appcelerator Studio will Solve this issue.…

    Appcelerator Studio, Error, Solution, Ver4.1.1

  3. Appcelerator Analytics

    Regarding the Titanium Studio Is not Longer Support by Appcelerator Company (change to open source Project) will start migration all the Project From Titanium Studio to Appcelerator Studio. Titanium.Analytics.featureEvent('Data track'); For New Project Can enable when create the Project pages. Enable Appcelerator Platform Services will enable the…

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